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The Pearl of Wisdom
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From the book, "The Pearl of Wisdom" or "Guru Mani",
by His Holiness, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyadddeen 
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us)
About The Book "The Pearl of Wisdom"


Chapter 03
- Original Version -

"Search For A Guru"

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His Holiness Teaches Us:


Swami, to know God one needs the grace of the Guru. His advice is necessary. How is one to find him. How many kinds of Master Gurus are there. 


I shall tell you how the various types of gurus operate. Listen 

1. The World Is A Guru

It shows you hypnotic fascination. 

2. The Parents Are A Guru

The parents are the gurus of the arts. 

3. The Foster Mother Is A Guru

The foster mother is the Guru who raises you. 

(see Chapter 11, page 42, Quranic Surat "At Tarique", 4th line "No human 
soul but had a guardian over it".  Also, see the book by His Holiness, "Islam 
& World Peace: Explanations by a Sufi", Chapter 12, "The Inner Quran - 
​      Umm al-Qur'an", page 135, for a beautiful explanation by His Holiness of the 
      "Inner Qur'an", the "Umm al-Qur'an", which is the essence of the Qur'an, the 
eye of the Qur'an, the mother of man's justice and faith, the mother of man's
wisdom, the mother of man's inner most heart, and as such could be viewed 
as the Foster Mother of man who raises us, the hidden mystical mother within
each of us that in truth raises us, raises the True Believer, the mumin within us).

4. The School Guru

The school is the guru that creates (within you an) affinity for the worldly 
pleasures in the drama of life, and (for) the development of the body, and its

5. The Relationship Guru

Associateship is the guru that teaches you good and bad, bad and good, like
going to school, showing affection to many and mixing with them. This is the
relationship guru, which is to move as close friends, teaching good or evil in
accordance with the relative relationships.

6. The Employment Guru

The guru who initiates you to seek employment and thereby improve yourself. 

7. The Dancing Damsel Guru

The damsel guru who shakes the mind, causes pain to the body, weakens the 
nerves, melts the bones, enhances pleasure, makes sorrow permanent, winks 
the eyes, melts the meaning, distances the Lord, and diminishes courage. She 
is the dancing damsel guru who pushes you to the depths of hell.

8. The Demon Guru

The asura guru (the demon guru) who reduces the mind to dust and the state 
of the mind to ash, honours maya (illusion), elevates the manthric magic and
teaches the acquisition of things. 

9. The False Devotee Guru

The false devotee guru who conceals truth, divides strength, and tempts you
into sinful acts. 

10. The True Wise Guru

The Meignani (the true wise guru) who disciplines the senses, establishes good
deeds, elevates charity, destroys the malefic force, exhibits the bliss of the
greater happiness of self-realization, and shows as fate the "I" and the "you", 
the world, slumber, the sea, the hills, the mountains, the body, the stomach, 
the valley and the land. He implants wisdom, enhances judgement, and dispels
the adverse effects of destiny. 

11. The Great Guru

The Great Guru who shrinks the body, establishes truth, loves other lives as His
own, exalts service to man, and performs his duty to the country. He recognizes
love as God, and charity as noble, the straight path as the great path, the world
as a narrow path, and that there is reward in service to other. 

12. The Guru of Ignorance

The guru of ignorance is devoid of the inner eye. He schemes to appease his
one-span stomach, conceals the Motionless Unique One, and projects the
movable one, disturbs wisdom, enhances arrogance, increases greed, separates
the "I" and the "you", creates drama, separates the six levels (kinds) of wisdom,
affirms the transcient as real, stirs the senses, makes gods of all what he sees,
makes kovils (temples) of the things that are pleasent to behold, forgetful of the
hereafter, and pushes you into the deep hell. 

He has no self awareness, no understanding of race, and is not mindful of the
future. He makes the world a market place with divisive mentality. He consumes
all lives as food for the survival of his one span stomach. He conceals truth,
elevates falsehood, and torments the living beings. So does the guru of ignorance. 

13. The Betraying, Possessive Guru

The mamakaram guru (the betraying, possessive guru) roams the world,
commands respect, shortens life, develops his body, destroys God, kills the 
analytical wisdom, uses every opportunity to elevate himself, forgets God, loses
compassion, loses his eyes, conceals intelligence, buries beauty, enhances false 
bliss, elevates his reputation, displays his pride, loses his heart, forgets his
character, and covers his body, mouth, and stomach. He competes for himself in
the four corners of the world. 

What appears as pleasent becomes sorrowful throughout life. For example,
physical exercise is pleasant for the body, but eventually is painful for the entire
body. There is unfathomable sorrow in the last crossing.

14. The Poet Guru

The poet guru thinks there is nothing beyond his education. He says he can
mend breakages, and resurrect the burnt-dead. Pleased with his words, he prides
himself of his speech. 

He rejoices in his desires, welds the separate parts, destroys unity and dances
and sings according to the limit of his knowledge. 

He stretches his arms for alms, showing his one-span stomach, speaks all that
comes to his tongue, composes what comes and casts away what is beyond his

He augments his existing knowledge, argues that what he says is correct and
what others say is wrong. He picks quarrels with a rod in hand, breaks heads,
and pollutes the mind. 

He forgets to realize that there is one caste, one race, and only one God, the
Omnisicient of Illumination, and that we are all born of one womb. 

He divides race, damages wisdom, casts away the Motionless Unique One and
accepts the transcient "I" and "you", and "you" and "I", and the dancing dog that
barks at the hill. He is the poet guru 

15. The Merciless, Flirtatious, Winking, Prostitute Guru

The flirtatious, winking guru snatches away respect, deadens intelligence, and
takes away your rights.

She winks the eye, mesmorises ideas, devalues God, holds the hand, bites the
cheek, shows the teeth, twists the body, dulls judgement, extols the virtues of
​      maya (illusion).

She winks to create an opportunity for adverse purposes, steals the mind, excites
the body, and instills torpor into the mind. She arouses lust and drives you into
the jungle. 

She is the merciless prostitute who leads you to the end of the wrong path. She
is the flirtatious, winking guru. 

16. The "I'm Living In The World Deceitfully, Thank You", Guru

The sixteenth type of guru thinks that the world, the worldly possessions and
freedom are pleasant.

He believes that the body, wealth and life are eternal; wife and children are proud
possessions; name and fame are praiseworthy; shops and markets are gains;
and titles are creditable. 

He sings the various songs of praise, speaks sweetly day in and day out, sows
his thoughts as seeds, develops his body, and exhibits pride in wife, children, 
and cattle. He cuts the universe and rolls away death.

He hurts the poor, abuses them, splits the world, rolls up the fragments and 
grabs them. He tortures the poor and makes them suffer. He reduces their 
wages and destroys co-operation. 

He torments the mind, demeans man, devalues good deeds, increases sins, 
and openly gives money at high interest. 

He sees obscenes scenes, often laughs, speaks the unmentionable, and believes that this birth is pleasant. He witnesses obscene scenes, destroys man's ideals,
wears costumes that should not be worn, sings songs not knowing how to sing,
runs not knowing how to run, and follows the track the body leads through. 

He is forgetful of nature, forgetful of birth, and fosters devilish divisive tendencies,
induces forgetfulness of God, and accepts all visible objects as gods. 

Armed with ideas of destruction, he severely abuses those who have realized
God. He kicks, assaults, and chases them away. 

Alas, this guru would be kicked, torn into pieces, secretly consumed as food, 
and the world would not know what had happened to him! 

Closing Words By His Holiness 

Son, there are many more traits among all these sixteen gurus. Four among them have been identified as the final choice. The best among the four gurus is the guru who is full of grace and compassion.

O Son, he is the one whom you must seek. That is the path to reach God. Do you understand, O Disciples, gems of my eyes? 


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