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The Pearl of Wisdom
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From the book, "The Pearl of Wisdom" or "Guru Mani",
by His Holiness, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyadddeen 
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us)
About The Book "The Pearl of Wisdom"


Chapter 04
- Original Version -

"The Four Gurus"

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His Holiness Teaches Us:


Swami, O Guru, who is good and who is bad among these gurus? 
What respective work do they perform? 
Please explain it to me. 


Son, I shall tell you its subtlety. 

The Mahagnanis - The Gurus of The Four Religions 

It is said that one among these gurus is the Asura Guru (the teacher or the preceptor of the Asuras-Sukran). One is the Guru of Lust. Another is the Guru of Intoxication, and yet another is the Gnana Guru (the guru of wisdom). They symbolize the four religions. 

These four gurus join together and silence the truth, make god of stones, turn duty into ashes, elevate pride, falsify patience, turn sakthi (power) into ash, ruin moksha 
(salvation), turn race a source of pride, make religion a precious stone. 

(They join together and) exalt the family, destroy the saints, ridicule the elders, turn 
gnanam (greater wisdom) into a jackal, treat worldliness as life, and make the "Ultimate One" the fisherman's basket for catching fish. 

They convert affection to friendship, and consider the weak objects strong. They lack intelligence and are unmindful of discrimination. Forgetful of the day and night, forgetful of birth and death, they focus both eyes inside the genital organs, ignorant of its meaning. 

They open their eyes and gaze. They look and look, blink and blink, and laugh and play. Not sending their senses on the right path, they enter into this net, and show continuous affection. 

They commit these acts in order to develop the body with the one-span stomach. They burn religion and philosophy into ash to further their ends. Further, in order to look after their wives and children, they follow the paths chosen by them, thinking that they have acquired the required knowledge. 

Inspired by selfish motives, they think that whatever they consider is the great religion. They divide the race, ruin the mind, torment life, and forget the One, the Almighty. 
Dividing them into several forms, naming them with the names and forms of various gods, they commit sins, discerpt the analytical wisdom, and forget the All-Pervading One! 

They mesmerize the world, silence true wisdom, give life to the physical sciences, and consider the false science as the truth, saying, 

"What I say is supreme.
Look here. He is my god"

So saying, they show the darkness. 

(They also say), 

"There is no One God here".

All what you say is false.
Your religion is false
You are also false. Your god is false"

"What I say is the truth.
My religion is the exalted one.
My race is the best.
All else is false.
Look at this earth."
So they argue, saying what comes to their tongue, and moving around with falsity. They 
live as the great reverential gurus, accepting as their own, their stomachs, their lives, and their children, in order to protect them. 

They praise their own virtues. Even the great learned gurus and mystics so transform themselves. This is their fate. 

"One crore earns through work.
Seven crores eat through deceit."

This is how the saying goes. These tactics are the examples of deceitful living. Those who are enamoured by this world are the so-called mahagnanis (great learned men).

The Path - of The True Guru

O son, believing in God, man must surrender his character to Him. The man who exists with a compassionate heart, born as man, living as man, residing as man, realizing the night and the day, knowing death and birth, will not be caught in the net of these gurus. 

Did you listen, my disciples, the gems of my eyes? 
Did you listen to the novelties of the so-called gurus of the four religions? 


Swami, O Great Guru, is there anyone born as man who is steadfast and truthful, and who preaches the truth? 


Listen child. There is! I shall tell you. 

The Primal One - The Guru of The Heart 

He is the Lord who is too mighty to know. He is the Lord of the crores of the universes. He is the Incomparable. 

He has no helper, no race, no differences, no madness, no country, no abode, and no self respect. He has no self-esteem, no religion, no philosophy, no resonance, and nor is He within resonance. He is not there. 

He has no religion and nor is He within religion. He is unlimited. He has no equal. He has no language and no temple and nor is He within a temple. 

Let me say further. Among these four religions there are those who believe in the Incomparable God. They discard arguments like, 

"You are great" and "I am great", 

And praise only the Lone Lord. They worship Him with a melting heart. 

You must worship Him in a way where your sea of compassion will surge, opening the eye of grace. Unaided you must worship the Helpful Lord who sustains the two worlds. 

You must not keep Him in this and that, in stone, in tree, in bronze, in the sivam (the religion of Siva) but worship Him within your heart, opening the inner eye, not confining to religion and race, not regarding anything else as comparable, not allowing the mind to run here and there, even for a second. 

You must reach within your heart for the Primal One who encompasses the entire universes with tranquility and virtue. You must rejoice within your wisdom with an exuberant heart, devoid of deceit and animosity and with self-awareness. 

You must forget the world, discard woman with self-affaciveness, and eliminate the desire for them. You must praise the real God, the Gem of the Eye, the Embodiment of Compassion, in order to cast away woman. 

The best among these gurus is he who day and night, every hour and minute, devotes both his breath and his speech with love for the Primal One. 

He entrusts his body, wealth, and soul to the Rightful Owner, converting his heart into a kovil (temple), dispelling all thought, cleansing the qalb (heart), and rejoicing in prayer, recital, and worship. 

He is the True Guru who conducts himself in this manner in all four religions, without wasteful arguments, without wasteful exercise of his tongue, and without vain jabbering. 

He shows the particulars of reality, eradicates the three evil qualities of egoism (arrogance), karma, and maya (illusion), erases the six karmic evil forces of the mind, namely, kaama (lust), krosha (animosity), mokha (greed), lobha (miserliness), 
matham (bigotry), and machariyam (envy). 

He destroys the strong enemy of the mind and does not waste his useful life. He changes a wasteful life to a good life with a melting heart. He keeps the Lord in his heart and does not allow Him to depart even for a day. 

He keeps Him tied with the rope of love. He is the guru who has taken the exalted human form. Born as a human, he lives a rare life, rightfully merging with God and associating with Him. 

The Work of The 15 Other Gurus - To Produce The One True Guru In The World 

The fifteen other gurus get together to torment him, assault, push, pelt him with stones, throw thorns, dismantle the body, break the teeth, break the bones. 

(They) abuse him, backbite him, slander him, and send him out of this world. 

Born in this earth, and taking the form of men, these (other 15) gurus get entangled in their delusionary characters. They clothe themselves in different attire, and take different stances. They believe in their own self-infused ways. 

Those gurus among them who are pelted with stones, have their bones broken, their teeth plucked out, are abused with words, and are driven away, can become excellent and perfect gurus. 

Know this my children, my disciples with pulsating hearts. 


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