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The Pearl of Wisdom
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From the book, "The Pearl of Wisdom" or "Guru Mani",
by His Holiness, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyadddeen 
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us)
About The Book "The Pearl of Wisdom"


Chapter 02
- Original Version -

"Search For God"

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His Holiness Teaches Us:


Swami, show us a way to improve ourselves while living in the world. 


Dear One. There are two ways. 

If you are to live in the world, there is a need for a woman. 
If you are to reach the Lord, (to leave here, not live here), there is a need for 
a guru (Shaikh). 
A guru is very, very hard to find. 


Swami, you mentioned guru. 

How is such a guru to be recognized? 
How is he to be searched for? 
How are we to associate with him? 
Teach it to me in detail. 


Listen child. 
Isn't this the world? In it there are many movements. 

To be born a man, one has to perform several crores of meritorious deeds. 
To be born a man among men, one has to perform meritorious deeds many times over. 
Among them, to be human among humans, one has to practice much more severe religious austerities. 


Swami, how can one perform meditation before birth? 

It is said that meritorious acts are performed before birth. 
If that were so, how can one perform meditation before birth? 
In that event, is the world a happy place or a sorrowful one? 


Oh is that what you are asking? 

I shall tell you. It is true that to be born in this world is great. 

1. The Motionless All-Pervading One is the Omnipresent Silent One. 
2. The world is a hypnotic fascination. 
3. The mind is agitation. 
4. The words of the gnostic guru are a driving force. 

These four are divided into sixteen divisions. 
I shall give you the meaning of these sixteen divisions later on (in Chapter 3). 
Now I shall answer your question. 


Swami, O Guru, what is the Motionless One? 


Son, the Motionless One is one who cannot be known. 

The Formless One pervades here, there, and everywhere. He has no appearance, no shape, no name, no country, no wife, no child, no friend, no connections, no end, no temples, no ponds, no religion, no people, no hands, no legs, no mouth, no head, and no abode of his own. 

He is far removed from human knowledge and even beyond that. He is the Motionless Ultimate One. Do you understand, Son? 


How is this Ultimate One to be reached? 

How can such a One who is formless, elusive, ruling here, there, and everywhere, protect us? 
How will He give and take? 
He has no hands, no legs, and no mouth. 
He will therefore be unable to speak. 
How can we discover such a God? 


Son, do you understand what I have been saying? 

You question me about His want of a mouth and His lack of hands, do you not? 
Let me tell you about a particle of a particle of the size of dust of His greatness. 

Gracefully He appears as the ripened fruit, without flowering or bud. 
He protects, not being a mother, but akin to seventy mothers. 
He speaks without a mouth and enters the mind with grace. 
He protects, questioning and listening to thy answers without an ear. 
He alone dwells in all of us without a mother. 
He helps those who employ truth without insincerity. 
He is the tongueless Lord who speaks through our hidden tongue. 

Without a scepter, 
He is the Guru Lord who rules everywhere as the One Umbrella. 
Deathless, He exists everywhere, evergiving and never abandoning us. 
A King without a palace, He is the One who gives clarity.

As the Resplendent Bright Flame (the Triple Flame), within and without, 
With expectations of benefit from none, 
As the Lord of those in seclusion and in distress, 
In the middle of the night or during the day, 
Without causing pain to those who live in harmless surrender, 
To those maidens with hearts of kindness, 
To the great ascetics, to virtuous men and pure woman, 
He appears gracefully as the wick of the Lamp of Faultless Guru Wisdom. 

With perpetual grace, 
He is the Lord who vibrates within Love and Compassion. 
If thou art aware of the words of such a Lord, 
And submit to the advice of the Wise Guru, 
Then, what is distress? 
What is poverty? 
Is there any parallel to this? 
Know this, O my son, 

So seek thou the right Guru. 
I have said so, my son. 
He will certainly help thee. 

God is the Motionless One. 
He is Allah. 

Have you understood this, my son, gem of my eyes? 


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