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The Pearl of Wisdom
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From the book, "The Pearl of Wisdom" or "Guru Mani",
by His Holiness, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyadddeen 
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us)
About The Book "The Pearl of Wisdom"


Chapter 05
- Original Version -

"The Physical Features of Man 
And Their Significance"
- ​Part 01 -
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His Holiness Teaches Us:


Swami, what are the physical features of man who exists as human, who resides as human, and who lives as human among human society? 


O Son, if you wish to know the characteristics of man born as such, living as such, I shall tell you. Listen. 

There are many features. They can be divided into four groups among the males and females, in order to ascertain the good and the bad. Listen carefully to some of these physical features. 

Having created man as the most exalted among His creations, God rules the world with complete knowledge, learning, and intelligence, blessing everything with His sacred names. Forgetful of this, people form various other attachments. 

Men of faith have always, continuously and ceaselessly, shown determination in their love for the All Mighty who is beyond all knowledge. 

Those who love God, and those who do not, belong to many groups. Among these are two divisions of the good and the bad. 

You should examine the physical features of each individually and inform yourself which is good and which is bad. 

God has taught man what he hitherto did not know. So say the gnanis (mystics) who have completely renounced this world. According to them, God has given to man the subtle wisdom of intelligence and intellect. 

Man can assess an object, its form, and state. However, his intelligence is in a state of constant flux. Let me tell you. 

There are seventy-three types of men who live as many types of characters. I shall state here some of their physical features. Know this, and disassociate yourself appropriately from the bad and develop the good. 


If a person's head is round shaped, big, and full of hair, it signifies intelligence, education, and subtle wisdom. 

He is very charitable and philanthropic. If such a person is bald in the front part of his head he receives extensive learning and offers good counsel to others. 

A head that is small in size, not round, and is dis-shaped belongs to a person who is stupid, dull, and with little intelligence. 

A very tall person with a small dis-shaped head is a fool who has evil thoughts 


If a woman's tresses extend up to her hip and is dark black, rough, thick, and long, she leads a good, pleasant, and happy life. Such a woman is very fond of sex, and is affectionate to her husband. 

A male with a luxurious head of rough, black hair is full of lust, and is rough in disposition. 

A male with black, soft, sparsely grown hair has intelligence, foresight, but lacks courage. 

A female with locks of long, soft hair, a little reddish in color, and extending up to her hip, is very loving to her husband. She is conscious of her good looks. She does not show much respect to others, and is not completely obedient to her husband. 

If a female's head of hair is short, not thick but sparse, ordinary black in color, and if she has a lean physique, she is clever, good-charactered, well-behaved, patient, chaste, and obedient to her husband. She restrains her laughter. 

If such a female has short hair, black in color, and has a round body, she is of doubtful behavior. Though obedient to her husband, her mind is elsewhere. 


A wide forehead with no fold is a sign of wealth, inner haughtiness, and a tendency to harm others. 

A forehead which is not very wide but is short with folds and wrinkles is indicative of intelligence, and good character, but also of poverty. 

If a forehead is high and long, with no folds and wrinkles, it shows foolishness, and cunning thoughts, and also fortune. 

If a forehead is equal in width and length and is symmetrical, with a little fold between the two eyebrows, it signifies a highly intelligent person who is kind to people, and has good thoughts. 

A forehead that is narrow with no fold, and with a growth of hair at the edges, is indicative of aggression, anger, and extreme poverty. 

If a forehead is wide and if several folds appear on it while rising the eyes and looking upwards, that person would live long, in accordance with the number of these folds. If there is only one fold, his life is short. 


If the eyebrows are long, and shaped like mangoosa leaves, with black, dense hair, that person is wealthy, proud, but lacks in intelligence. 

If the eyebrows are very small, black, with densely-grown hair which is unsightly, it is indicative of stupidity, poverty, increasing difficulties, and losses. 

If there is space between sparsely-grown eyebrows, with folds appearing in between, that person is intelligent, has foresight, and is fond of people, and treats them with affection. 

A male or female who has long black eyebrows joined to each other, is fond of beauty, proud, fortunate, and desirous of worldly pleasures. 

If one of the eyebrows is longer than the other, it is a sign of misfortune, evil, and a short life. 


Very large eyes with pupils that are excessively black, and with very small eye lashes indicates laziness and evil thoughts. 

Somewhat large eyes with pupils that are not so black, and the white of the eye mixed with a reddish sheen signify intelligence and good fortune. 

Small eyes with a lot of reddishness in the white of the eye and with black eyelashes, full of hair, indicates a happy life and wealth, but less intelligence. 

Small eyes with excessive red in the white of the eye that look down with a short gaze is indicative of evil thoughts, shamelessness, deceit, and the tendency to harm others. 

Further, large eyes that are slightly downcast with the upper lid pointing downwards indicates evil and sorrow. A person possessing these traits commits evil deeds and earns a bad name. 

Large protruding eyes portray miserliness, shamelessness, and misfortune. 

Eyes that are long at the edges, and elegant looking, with long black eyelashes, signify good fortune, and intelligence. Such characteristics are more prevalent among the females. If they are present in the male, he is fond of women, who are likewise attracted to him. If such eyes contain many red dots it shows excessive sex. 


Large wide ears indicate a sharp intellect and a long life. Small ears signal lack of intellect and misfortune. 

Ears that are moderate in size, neither large nor small, show an intelligent person, a good organizer, and is indicative of good fortune. 

If the important part of the ear is fleshy and thick, that person is a wealthy man. 

Ears like that of a mouse, shrivelled and small are indicative of poverty and misfortune. 
If one ear is different from the other, this also indicates misfortune. 


A high, thin nose shows stupidity. A large wide nose with wide nostrils are the signs of an angry person. 

A non-symmetrical, crocked nose, with one nostril different from the other, is a sign of evil, loss, and difficulty. 

A nose that is sharp at the tip, curved upwards and is high, is indicative of prosperity, and moderately happy life. 

A flat and broad nose indicates unpopularity but a sharp intellect. A flat nose can be a sign of wealth. 

A small nose in a female that is sharp at the tip, with normal nostrils is a sign of good character and behavior, and also a happy life. 


Thick and twisted lips are a sign of stupidity, while thick and normal lips indicate high wealth. 

Thin and beautiful lips show high intelligence and good fortune. 
If the lips are thin, black and rough, the possessor is highly sexual and is desirous of wealth. 

Thin beautiful lips, red in color, portray good conduct and behavior, and also sweet speech. 

A female's lips that are thick and black show evil conduct and loose talk. Such a person is not submissive to her husband. 

A woman with thin, beautiful red lips is attached to her husband, but is less amorous. 
If the lips of a man or woman are dry, pale, and thin, it is a sign of ill health. 


Sunken and flat cheeks in a pointed face show sharp, cunning intelligence, quick temper, and a deceitful nature. 

Thick, fleshy cheeks show fortune, intelligence, and a sexual appetite. 

If a female's cheeks are flat and sunken, it is indicative of disease. 

If a female's cheeks are full, fleshy, thick, and beautiful, they are signs of a dull intelligence, and misfortune. 

A female whose cheeks are not fleshy, but normal, and not flat, has sharp intelligence, good conduct, ambition, and good fortune. 


A wide open mouth shows rudeness, a deceptive nature, but also bravery. 

A closed, small mouth is indicative of cowardice, and fear. (But) a female with a small, narrow mouth is fortunate. 

A big open mouth is a sign of bad conduct, and a person desirous of much sexual indulgence. 

A mouth that is normally not open, is a sign of fortune, sharp intelligence, and courage. 

Bad odor in the mouth shows a quick temper. Females with a fragrant sweet smell in the mouth are very prosperous and fortunate. 


If the teeth in the mouth are big and overlap each other, it is a sign of evil and aggression. 

Teeth that are normally set and regularly arranged in a row are signs of prosperity and goodness. 

Regular teeth that are small in size and elegant are signs of high fortune and a long and courageous life. 

Teeth that are not small, and sit similar to each other, but are irregular in size and shape are a sign of courage but bad character. 

A person with dis-shaped teeth and with one or two teeth protruding out, has deceitful thoughts, is cunning, but is desirous of money. 

A female with big, regular teeth is very talkative, and has no regard for a man. 

A female with a row of regular, soft, petal-like, elegant teeth, makes a virtuous and obedient wife, but has a little temper. 

A male with regular, large, white teeth is intelligent, very thoughtful, a man of few words and has a long life. 

A person who has the correct set of thirty-two teeth is good charactered, well behaved, virtuous, and performs charitable acts. 

A person with less than thirty teeth is subject to losses and difficulties but has patience. 

A person who has thirty teeth is fortunate and is fond of people. 
If teeth are few with gaps in between, that person falls frequently ill. 


A moustache is a sign of bravery in a male. Pruning it short, and allowing it to grow elegantly is sunnath (optional). What is stated here is confined only to those who grow a moustache. 

kirada moustache, full of dents, with rough hair, is indicative of a man who enjoys worldly comforts, is tough, quick tempered, and has no compassion towards the poor. 

A person with a normal moustache has patience, and good qualities. Those who twist up the ends of their moustache are courageous, sharp-witted, and fond of woman. 

A thin moustache like a flower-bud with curled up tips belongs to one who enjoys a happy life, speaks pleasantly to people, and is easily trapped by women in the net of their enticing ways. 


A beard is a sign of great men, of devotees, and the well-educated gurus. 

Those with black, thick set hair, grown long and hanging, with deep set eyes, are noble, well charactered, and virtuous men. 

Those with normal, and not thick set hair, with round full beards, are sharp-witted, good charactered, and well-behaved men. 

Those with a pointed, shaped beard on the chin, with scanty hair on both sides of the cheek, are bad-tempered, jealous, and evil-minded, though they appear good on the surface. 

A beard with thick-set short hair, oval-shaped, and soft, is a sign of wealth, a great desire for woman, and also miserliness. 

Absence of hair on the face indicates intelligence and deceit. 

A beard that is grown longer than a fistful, and is thin like a stick, shows stupidity, and tactless cowardice. 


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