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The Pearl of Wisdom
"Wisdom Study Version"
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From the book, "The Pearl of Wisdom" or "Guru Mani",
by His Holiness, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyadddeen 
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us)
About The Book "The Pearl of Wisdom"


Chapter 06
- Original Version -

"More Physical Features of Man 
And Their Significance"
- ​Part 02 -
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His Holiness Teaches Us:


A tongue which is reddish, with a thin pointed tip, indicates good fortune, good character, good behavior, kindness, and a sharp intellect. 

A tongue which is blackish or yellow in color shows ill-fortune, poverty, and evil qualities. 

A tongue which is blunt, short, and rough, is a sign of dull intelligence, and roughness. 

A female who has a tongue which is rough, and blackish in color, is dull-witted, and quarrelsome. She is disobedient to her husband. 

If a tongue is short, yellowish, and green coated, it is indicative of a short life. 
If the bottom of the tongue is soft, and has a round tip, it is indicative of stupidity and evil behavior. 

A person who possesses such a tongue will not acquire good education, knowledge, or studies. If he does so, it will be only by the will of the Lord and His power (Sakthi). 

Let the Lord bless him. 


A chin that is pointed and sharp indicates good fortune, good character, and good behavior. 

A chin that is not pointed, and is fleshy-looking like a steam-roller, indicates haughtiness, and a dull intelligence. 

A chin that is pointed and round but flat shows strength, bravery or rough aggression. Most wrestlers and boxers possess such chins. 

A chin that does not fall into the three categories mentioned above, and is moderate and good-looking signifies good intelligence, nobility, and a good character. 

May God bless him.


The neck in the humans differs in many ways with little differences. 

It could be thick or thin depending on a person's height and weight. Therefore, what is spoken of here is the difference of the long and the short neck. 

A neck that is short and big is a sign of deceit and of a treacherous mind. A person with a short neck is capable of enticing and deceiving others. Therefore, it forebodes ill-luck and a vicious nature. 

A neck that is long and high signifies dull intelligence and lack of skill in the arts and crafts. A person with such a neck is tall in height. Tall people lack good fortune. But this depends on God's will.

If the neck is neither long nor short and is average, then there is good luck, good fortune, and intelligence. Such a person will occupy a high Government position in the country or will be a respected person who offers good counsel to others. 

Facial Features 

A man's face is the most important part of the human body. It can reveal his secrets. 
Therefore, the ability to discover a man's traits and make a prediction by looking at his face, depends on the sharp intellect of the observer to scrutinize, 

​      the forehead, 
the eyes, 
the eye brows, 
the ears, 
the cheek, 
the nose, 
the lips, 
the teeth, etc.

And also on the intense observation of the facial expressions of the person, 

​      his manner of speaking, 
the movement of his eyes when talking, 
the nature of his looks. 

A person who face is fleshy and broad, and who frequently blinks and closes his eyes, is of a deceptive nature. 

If such a person looks from the corner of his eyes, he is harmful and evil minded. 
If a person has a face with a narrow and shrivelled look, and rolls his eyes here and there, he has cunning thoughts, and is to be feared. 

On the other hand, a person who has a face that is neither big or small, and looks around in a normal manner is virtuous and good. He helps others. 

A broad and fleshy face is a sign of prosperity and love of money. Such a person lacks courage and is prone to be frightened. 

A person who has a narrow face, with eyes that appear to be narrowly closed is crafty. He will be subject to difficulties, loss, and poverty. But he does not cause harm to others. 

Those with normal facial expressions, and pleasing looks, are intellectuals, doing good to others, and will have good fortune. Such persons conduct themselves with the fear of God. Therefore, this sign is considered to be Mubarakath (The best of the three worlds). 

May God bless them all. 


If the shoulders are fleshless, flat, and weak, it shows an evil character, and indicates poverty. 

If the shoulders are broad, and spread out, it shows stupidity and stubbornness. 
Rough shoulders with a full growth of hair signal poverty and aggression. 

Shoulders that are rounded, stocky, and firm display bravery and nobility. The owner enjoys high official status. 

If the shoulders are not very flat, weak, or fleshy, and are moderate and delicate, it shows high wealth, and good conduct. 

If such shoulders have one or two strands of hair in a spot, it denotes prestige, and royal rank. Golden, soft hair on a normal shoulder denotes intellect, and belongs to an Alim (learned person) or an Ulema (scholar). 

May God's Blessings Prevail. 


If the navel is empty with a soft skin, and a little hair, it shows wealth, good character, and good conduct. 

If the navel is dark and rough with a dense growth of hair, and emanates a bad odor, it is indicative of evil character, and ferocity. Such a person has no sympathy towards the poor. He has also a dull wit and lacks education. 

If there is total absence of hair on the navel, and the skin is smooth, it means high character, state position, and high rank. 

If the navel is moderate with a soft skin, and is odorless and good-looking, it belongs to an intellectual, who excels in education and knowledge. 

If the navel has sweat and emanates the odor of the aloe plant, it shows a person who is desirous of sex. 


O dear son, Listen. 

Other Things - We Should Be Aware Of

A part from the beard, the leg, the foot, the hand, the thumb to the nail, there are many more signs in many other parts of the human body. I have not spoken about all of them. 

You should be aware of the behavior of the people of various categories in accordance with their human signs of virtue and evil, tranquility, good conduct and behavior, and advise them correctly. 

Your instructions should be in accordance with their individual traits. If you advise everybody alike, it would lead to confusion and cause trouble to the one who preaches. 
You should be fully aware of this when you offer advice. 

How To Walk - The Good Path

O disciples, gems of my eyes, you should familiarize yourself with these words. Do not waste your time needlessly on all things. 

Shower your affection on those who tread the good path. Augment your love with a tranquil heart. Dispel deceitful ideas and liquidate them. 

Teach the good discourses, and train man in the pursuit of good conduct, to do good, and to live as a human. 

O disciples, gems of my eyes, conduct yourself in this manner. Elevate yourself. Live in purity. Be victorious in both worlds. 

Dear son, concentrate on each of these words. Discard the bad things in life, accept the good, and live accordingly. Ameen, Ameen, Ya Rabbil Aalameen. 


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