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The Pearl of Wisdom
"Wisdom Study Version"
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From the book, "The Pearl of Wisdom" or "Guru Mani",
by His Holiness, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyadddeen 
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us)
About The Book "The Pearl of Wisdom"


Chapter 13
- Wisdom Study Version -
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"The Four Ways of Worship" 

- A "Wisdom Outline" -
 of "Chapter 13"
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- A "Wisdom Outline" of "Chapter 13" - 
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"The Wisdom Outline"
Taken From This Discourse

01.  Worship - Is "The Most Supreme Form" of "A Sacred Act"

02.  But Worship And Prayer - Have Somehow Gotten Divided Into "Four
       Categories", Have Been Deviated From" The One Path"

03.  The Four Ways - of Worship
        a.  For Others - because Others Worship
        b.  For Show - to exhibit his worship.
        c.  For "The Stomach- as a selfish device to develop his body, 
        d.  For "A Good Reason". To Demonstrate "The Truth" To God, To
             Demonstrate, to Affirm "The Truth", That In Truth "God Is One With Man",
             That In Truth "Man Is Not Separate From God"

04.  The Problem - With "The First Three Ways" of Worship. They Are Tricky,
       They Are Wrong, And Materialistic, They Forget "The True Mature of Man", Which
        Is "The Oneness of God And True Man"

05. The Fourth Way - of Worship Is Correct, Clarify Yourself, And Be Submissive To
      "The True Guru"

06. The Motionless One - Cannot Be Loved Through "Outside Places" Of Worship
       a.  But "Outside DivisionsLike "The Kovil Or Temple", And "The Mosque"
            Should Exist
       b.  For In The Womb - We Don't Know "The Mother And Father of Our Body",
            And To Find Them We Have To Go In Search of Them In The World, So In
            Our Body We Must Go In Search of God, "The Mother And Father of Our Soul"

"The End"
of "The Wisdom Outline"

01.  Worship - Is "The Most Supreme Form" of "A Sacred Act"
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Swami, the elders speak of several gods and worship them, uttering many things. 

​      Is that a good path or is it bad? 
Teach us, O revered Guru. 


Children, gems of my eyes. Listen. I shall tell you. 

Worship is the most supreme form of a sacred act. It is very, very rare indeed, for anyone to achieve this. 

02.  But Worship And Prayer - Have Somehow Gotten Divided Into "Four Categories", Have Been Deviated From "The One Path"
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Worship has somehow gotten divided into four categories. Prayer has been deviated from the one path. Each form of worship has been divided into four stages. I shall describe them to you. Listen. 

03. The Four Ways - of Worship 
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The Four Ways of Worship: 

​a.  FirstA person worships because others worship. 
​b.  SecondA person worships for show. He prides himself carrying beads, rolling
      them in his hands, and exhibits his worship.
c.  ThirdA person worships for his stomach. It is a selfish device to develop his
      body, on the pretence of worshipping God. He roams here and there, winks
      his eyes, disturbs the mind of others, and snatches away their rights.
​d.  The fourth melts the inner heart, dispels falsehood, destroys the eye of maya
      (torpor or illusion or fascination), meets ideas point with point, right with  right,
       makes friends with the heart, and believes that the Only One is the dependable
       Trustworthy One. 
04. The Problem - With The First Three Ways of Worship. They Are Tricky, They Are Wrong, And Materialistic, They Forget "The True Mature of Man", Which Is "The Oneness of God And True Man"
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The first three types of persons (that worship) forget the true nature of man, and indulge in a form of worship that is tricky, wrongful, and materialistic. 

​      In such a situation, where is the grace? 
Where has man's character flown away? 
Where is he? 

They say, 

​      "We have cooked eighteen dishes of high quality",

And imagine and convince themselves it is so, while they eat the saltless, and tasteless food.

05. The Fourth Way - of Worship Is CorrectClarify Yourself, And Be Submissive To "The True Guru"
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The most exalted of these four types is the person who is well clarified and knowledgeable. 

​      His heart is full of happiness and light, and overflows with kindness. 
He does not meander from the (straight) path.

He raises his hands in true worship night and day, day and night, and with every 
breath, with every word, and every right feeling in his heart. 
His attention does not meander here and there. 
He raises his hands in true faith with a melting heart.

He dispels deception and his whole body vibrates with continuous worship. 
He is the one whose conduct is most excellent among these four groups. 
He will escape mantras. 
He will not be trapped by praise or pleasure. 
He will not be caught by the eye, or by display, or by show. 

He awaits with great expectation, day by day, for clarity, and for the perfect Guru. 
He performs his duty fully and awaits the blessings for his dutiful service. 

Do you see, gems of my eyes? 
Do you see the difference between the worship of the person whom I have just 
described on the one hand, and the others? 
Clarify yourself, and be submissive to the True Guru. 

06. The Motionless One Cannot Be Loved Through "Outside Places" Of Worship
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a.  But Outside Divisions - Like "The Kovil Or Temple", And "The Mosque" Should
b.  For In The Womb - We Don't Know "The Mother And Father of Our Body", And To
     Find Them We Have To Go In Search of Them In The World, So In Our Body We
     Must Go In Search of God, "The Mother And Father of Our Soul"


Swami, I have a certain doubt. I shall tell it to you. Please explain. 

Is it right or wrong to establish places of worship in various places, such as the kovil 
(Hindu temple), and the mosque, and display certain signs, symbols, and words? 

Swami, O revered Guru, tell me the significance of this. 


Dear Son, let we tell you. Did you not understand? Nevertheless, I shall explain it to you. Listen. 

Divisions like the kovil (Hindu temple) and the mosque should exist. The world must also appreciate their existence. 

But the Motionless One, who is beyond all comprehension and knowledge, cannot be loved through these places of worship.

I shall tell you more. Listen. 

Does an embryo formed within the womb know its mother and father? No, it does not. 

Likewise, it becomes necessary to enlarge one's knowledge, analyze, and discriminate.

(This wisdom point continues in the Next Chapter, in Chapter 14).


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